Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger`s profession sets offer a high value on challenging restorations and optimizing the tone of string instruments. A wide range of professional orchestra musicians, soloists and music professors as well as their students belong to her clientele. The customer most concern is to bring out the best in the tone of their instrument. With our individual customer care the customer satisfaction is our first priority!

There are a lot of factors to consider to bring out the best in instruments. Her long-standing expert knowledge and practical experience and her thorough work ethic are important requirements to fulfill the high demand of the customer. Because of her practical know-how, her expertise of the string instruments profession and her own lifelong musical experience in playing the violin, she is able to master the tone conception and optimization of every individual instrument. Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger´s expertise is a guaranty for quality!

In her opinion to master an instrument displays your ability to judge the tone of a string instrument. Her skillset and sensitiveness on the violin allow her to perfectly judge and optimize the tone with her handicraft. Every musician trusts her professional opinion of the tone, which she successfully transfers to her expertise of violinmaking.