Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger was born in Shanghai. After the culture-revolution in China came to an end, she decided in 1978 to study violinmaking and violin at the Shanghai conservatory. She was taught by Prof. Shuzhen Tan, the Professor of violin and the founder of violinmaker in China.

As a scholar of the DAAD, Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger traveled from China to Germany to continue her studies in 1980. In 1983 she graduated from the vocational school in Mittenwald. After moving from south to north Germany, she became the assistant of the violinmaker Hubert Schnorr from 1983 to 1987. During that time she specialized her work effort on the restoration of string instruments. After the acquisition of specialist techniques, she completed the examination for the master craftsman´s certificate in 1986 – being the first and only female master of violinmaking from China and recognized as such. In 1988 she opened her own studio, first in Hamburg then in Munich. Shortly afterwards she moved to Bonn with her shop. Living in the city of Beethoven, Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger runs a well-established studio for more than 30 years. In 2016 she was elected as Vice-President of “Verband Deutscher Geigenbauer und Bogenmacher” (association of the german violinmaker and bowmaker).

Inside her studio she services customers with her expertise not only from Germany, but from Europe, USA and Asia.

During the year of 1979 the worldfamous violinst Isaac Stern visited the conservatory of Shanghai. At the first opportunity he played on the first violin of Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger. He complimented the instrument with the following words: “Fantastic sound with an accurate handicraft, already with the Opus No.1. I`m interested in the sound development of your instrument. Maybe I could play on it in a few years?”

20 years later she met the famous violin educationst Isaac Stern at the Conservatory of Cologne. He definitely did remembered her. What a happy and remarkable reunion!

As a young child Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger did already learn to play the violin and piano. Music does play a elemantary role in her life. At this point she plays in the orchestra of the “Akademisches Orchester Bonn” and “Sinfonieorchester der Kreuzkirche Bonn” amongst others. Since decades she dedicates herself to chamber music. On several occasions she also appears as a solo violinist.